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  • How well do you really know your husband, wife or partner?
  • Could we have happier, more fulfilled relationships?
  • Have your parents or someone close to you been keeping secrets?*

Eat.Play.Love. tackles these questions and more with three stages of discussion. More than just a card game, it provides the opportunity to (re)connect meaningfully with those in your life.

  • Stage 1 Eat. is sometimes about food, but always about opening the conversation.
  • Stage 2 Play. is about challenge and going deeper.
  • Stage 3 Love. is all about growth and connection.

Can be played with 2 or more people.

But one thing's for sure, the time to play it safe is over.


Additional Information:

  • Strictly 18+
  • Each stage contains 40 cards for a total of 120 questions
  • *I bet they have