• Pasta al Gratin

    This dish is cheesy, crunchy and above all tasty as hell. Gli Elicoidali is a cross between rigatoni and ziti. It’s 6-7cm of tubular goodness. And is the perfect pasta to soak up all the sauce in this dish.
  • Sizzling Garlic and Yoghurt Dip

    Every party or date night loves a dip. But instead of buying store bought this recipe could literally be done before you even got home from the store. And it will taste one million times better too.
  • Carbonara with Cream

    Not a tradition carbonara, but a tasty option for those who can't eat eggs.
  • Prosecco and Prawn Pasta

    This pasta is one of a kind! So fresh and zingy but yet really filling too. Well if you eat as much of it as I did anyway.
  • Spaghetti alla Nerano

    This legendary pasta dish was invented in 1952 but for some reason feels so modern. It's unique, easy and delicious.
  • Seared Scallops

    Just some scallops, a lemon, butter, white wine, garlic and capers make this a super easy entrée to share for a date night.
  • Spicy Prawn Garlic Spaghetti

    I can’t STOP thinking about this creamy, garlic, spicy, prawn spaghetti and it’s so easy to make too!
  • Superfood Spaghetti

    This one pan + blender superfood pasta is exactly what we all need right now.
  • Blood Orange Vodka Pasta

    The viral vodka pasta recipe but with a blood orange twist.
  • Sweet Potato Gnocchi

    Say hello to your new favourite comfort dish. Gnocchi might seem hard but this recipe is foolproof.
  • Beetroot Ravioli

    Beetroot ravioli with burnt butter and sage.
  • Cacio e Pepe Toasty

    A crunchy deep fried exterior and an oozy, cheesy, peppery middle.