• Australian Lamb Kebabs

    Easy summer lamb meal that you can't get enough of.
  • Paccheri Rigati with Browned Butter and Macadamia Nuts

    I love simple pastas with few ingredients but lots of flavour. Pair this with a nice wine and you're good to go! The secret to a rich velvety sauce...
  • Saganaki with Passionfruit

    This is a little twist on everyone's favourite... Saganaki! Grilled cheeses like saganaki always go well with something sweet so in this recipe pas...
  • Spanner Crab Spaghetti Arrabbiata

    Okay, first up this dish is hot. Like, hot hot. And secondly there’s wine that’s not cooked off because, well… wine. I first had this dish probably...
  • Pasta al Gratin

    This dish is cheesy, crunchy and above all tasty as hell. Gli Elicoidali is a cross between rigatoni and ziti. It’s 6-7cm of tubular goodness. And ...
  • Sizzling Garlic and Yoghurt Dip

    This quick and easy dip is from one of my favourite food content creators Carolina Gelen. She describes it more as a blank canvas and a dish where ...
  • Carbonara with Cream

    Ok, so this carbonara is with cream. And before you shake your head let me tell you why. You see my sister she can’t eat eggs and she’s never had a...
  • Prosecco and Prawn Pasta

    This pasta is one of a kind! So fresh and zingy but yet really filling too. Well if you eat as much of it as I did anyway.
  • Spaghetti alla Nerano

    It may need a little longer to prepare than other pasta dishes but the uniqueness of this pasta is well worth it. Spaghetti alla Nerano originates ...
  • Seared Scallops

    Just some scallops, a lemon, butter, white wine, garlic and capers make this a super easy entrée to share for a date night.
  • Spicy Prawn Garlic Spaghetti

    I can’t STOP thinking about this creamy, garlic, spicy, prawn spaghetti and it’s so easy to make too!
  • Superfood Spaghetti

    This one pan + blender superfood pasta is exactly what we all need right now.